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Kisma Preserve is a donor funded 501-c-3 organization dedicated to exotic animal care and education for over 25 years. This is the time of year we need you more than ever. The bridge season. Pre Summer tours and visitors.


The Kisma Preserve organization firmly believes that knowledge is strength. The planet we live in is in a rapid state of ecological decline. Many wild animal species are faced with extinction within our lifetime or sooner. Kisma Preserves’ personal belief is that all individuals matter. On a global population scale does one individual matter? Probably not but that life certainly matters to that individual! On the one hand animals in the wild are facing extinction usually because they are losing habitats within ecosystems which are disappearing. On the other hand there are many more non-domestic animals in captivity than there are licensed and qualified places for them to live. What is the answer? It has to, at the very beginning, start with knowledge. By caring deeply and giving a home to these unique animals we open a door to understanding a species. When someone looks through that door and begins to care about a species the next logical step is the habitat and the ecosystem and ultimately our world. Kisma Preserve cares for each creature as an individual and hopes, perhaps idealistically, that will inspire others to care on some level as well.


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Kisma Preserve was originally created in the mid 1980's as Acadia Animal Park. At that point, a seasonal attraction. In the late 1980's it was given non-profit status and became Acadia Zoological Park. Acadia Zoo for short. Over the years we have evolved to become what we are today. The new name Kisma Preserve was established in 2006. Kisma Preserve (and previously Acadia Zoo) has always been unique in our "animals always come first" approach. We are not what people think of when they think “ zoo”, a word that has come to be almost synonymous with amusement parks. Although we do exhibit some animals when it suits them, that is not the reason they are here. Our animals are here because at some point in their lives they needed a permanent home. We provide that home. We are contacted by law enforcement, zoos and private individuals. We feel our new name will be a more accurate representation of who we are and what we do and hope that as more people understand the stories behind our animals they will realize how important it is to support them.

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